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    Picking SQL-Server Edition

      I'm planning an NPM installation for a customer which should monitor around 400 nodes, approx. 2 interfaces per node and 40 servers. Historical data should be kept for 2 years.

      Now MS SQL Server has a 4GB limitation...will this be sufficient with standard polling intervals?



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          If you need to keep data for 2 years I doubt SQL Server Express Edtion is going to be sufficient. It will probably be near the size limit. I am not sure if tests have been performed based on default Polling interval and retention settings, I wished I could give you an estimation.

          Syslog and Traps can make your database grow quite quickly too.

          Note the Express Edition has more than a simple 4GB restriction for the size of the database. It can use only up to 1GB of RAM which will limit the performances.

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