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    Atrica Devices and Reports

    Joe D

      It seems like my Atrica devices I have loaded in to Solarwinds are storing Interface Traffic and Utilization Stats under a nonstandard OID. Is there a way to load a custom vendor MIB in Solarwinds to see if I can get these stats working in the Top 10 reports? Or can I create new custom Top 10's looking under the OID that has these stats?

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          I don't think you can load just any MIB into Solarwinds. I believe they need to have that MIB file and incorporate it into their common MIB.CFG file. From what I've read they are very accommadating to get these integrated quickly into Orion if you provide the MIB file.

          However, I notice they already have some Atrica MIBs and I would think you could use Orion's Universal Device Poller to discover your devices and build Top-n reports from these custom pollers. If you haven't used the Universal Device Poller it's a journey for sure, but you'll figure it out in no time. I think they have a short video online to get you started.