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    Advanced Alert Help

      The situation, is I have engineer's that add and remove servers from my monitored 65xx switches sometimes with notification and sometimes without. I am trying to create an alert that will notify me when a port goes from shutdown or down to Up. I am pretty novice at alert creation so I'm sure I'm just overlooking the obvious answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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          I hope I understand your dilemma correctly. I’m not a novice but I’m not an expert either.


          I can conceive creating a CUSTOM PROPERTY on Interfaces and maybe naming it NOTIFY and using something like YES and NO and then checking for this with an Advanced Alert and just send the state change variable when the port changes. I don’t know that you could do an alert showing the previous port state – like – port FE1/0 was SHUTDOWN but is now UP --- or --- port FE1/0 was UP but is now TESTING. (I could do this with another product I used but I have not seen this with Solarwinds alerts).


          Or else in Advanced Alerts under Trigger Condition there’s the Interface dropdown you can use and maybe adjust the trigger conditions to something like this:




          I hope this helps.

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            This is how you would do it.  This would tell you any recent ports that are now in Up status and were not before.