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    Toolset / NPM Integration



      I have just installed v10 toolset (eval) onto my laptop and want to integrate it into my Orion estate (I have 3 SLX pollers and 2 webservers)

      I get the tools drop down when right clicking a node/interface, and I have now set all 3 of my pollers to pass SNMP through (from Orion: File, Advanced Settings, Secure Data on Web and checking the "Allow SNMP Community Strings to be visible from the NPM Web Site"),  however every time I try to use an SNMP dependant tool (View Config for example) I get prompted to add a community string.

      What am I missing? Do I have to do something on the Web Servers?


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          Hi Richard -The setting "Allow SNMP community..."  controls whether the community string is shown within in the node properties web pages, not necessarily passing it through to the Toolset integration.

          A device's community string is identified by a token in the HTML, and the Toolset integration will always ask you for a community string the first time it sees a token it does not have a community string for.  The community string is saved on the machine on which you are browsing; to manage those community strings, from the browser context menu, select settings, community strings tab.

          The Toolset integration will try to save the community string you enter on the local machine, but if it does not have enough rights on th elocal file system, it will ask you for it everytime.  Make sure the user you are browsing under has rights to the %Program Files%\Common Files\SolarWinds folder.



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              Thanks for the response (sorry for delay in my reply!).

              OK, that addresses the first question thanks, however I cant see where the SNMP string is displayed on the node details page...in fact I can only see the SNMP string if I go to node management and then edit the properties.

              Any advice if I want to have the SNMP string displayed on the node details page?


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                  Hi Richard,

                  So the feature you ask for in your first question about passing the community string automatically to Toolset should work.  If it is not, please call support and we should look more closely at this to fix this issue.

                  Secondly, we currently don't show the community string anywhere on the Node Details page.  This would be a fairly simple feature request to the NPM community if you would like to post in that forum so the product managers of Orion could see that this would be valuable.  There are some custom ways to get around this, but nothing straight forward (like creating a custom report and showing that on your node details page).