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    NTA Licensing

      Hi all:

      I have NPM SLX and evaluating NTA and would like to add. But it seems the way the licensing for the product is structured, if my NPM is SLX, I have to purchase NTA also at SLX level although I am not going to use not more than 25 devices (<50 interfaces) as netflow sources.

      This limitation doesn't seem right.

      Logically, if the license level is dicated  by NPM rahter than NTA, why is another tiered pricing model for the module?

      Although I like the convenience of Integration with NPM, I am considering ManageEngine for NTA based on the fact I can really license it only for the level I need (and it has NBAR support built in).

      Any opinions, commnets or advise?



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          Andy McBride

          Hi SDK,

          We license NTA to fit your network. The best approximation we have of your network size is the size of your Orion NPM license. A very large network can have all its data flowing through a few large interfaces, as could a very small network.  So all interfaces are not equal for NTA as a technology. Some companies make NetFlow recievers for a couple of interfaces but they may not be designed to handle much data. 


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            In my humble opinion. Money wise, you can buy another license for NPM and NTA which is cheaper rather than buying NTA SLX just to fit to existinig NPM SLX since you only use NTA for several devices only.

            Considering Netflow is not supported with other devices like servers and others


            New NPM SL100 = 2475

            New NTA SL100 = 1795

            Total =     4270

            It's 10725 cheaper than buying NTA SLX for 14995


            Please correct me if I'm wrong

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                Your math is indeed correct, and if you do not ever intend to collect either performance statistics (Orion NPM) or network usage statistics (Orion NTA) for more than 100 network devices, you may be able to make do with this licensing arrangement.

                The number of NetFlow-enabled devices is not directly relevant, as the license level corresponds to the number of potential traffic-generating endpoints that are monitored and not the number of NetFlow-enabled routers and switches sending traffic statistics to your Orion server.

                For more information, see the first chapter, "Introduction" in the SolarWinds Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Administrator Guide.

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                  That is still 2475 more than should be needed.

                  The NTA Shuts down if "License limitation doesn't fit orion license!" as shown in the event log.

                  Solarwinds had no problem selling the license when they could easily have seen an SLX for Orion.

                  Sloppy programming IMHO. The module should simply ignore packets from sources not "SELECTED" in the NTA Summary page options.

                  Yes, it is cheaper to buy a whole smaller set, but you still lose.



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                      The truth that is a limitation that does not quite understand at all, couldbe safely consumed configurable interface NTA license or not, this tool is very cheap but this limitation is not finished making it viable for publicstatements of government who want to save each cent.

                      Those responsible for this product can not reeves? As head of OSS for the corporate segment I want to have as unified systems, but I have toadapt to the different budgets of my clients ..