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    Port 2055 on Cisco ASA 5510

      Greetings everyone.

      I have a Cisco ASA 5510. I want to allow port 2055 so my Cisco 2800 router behind this firewall can forward netflow. I have already configure the Cisco Router 2800 to forward the netflow traffic to my NTA Server. Wireshark ontly detects SNMP from Cisco 2800. Please help. Thanks

      This is the flow.

      Cisco 2800 ( ----> Cisco ASA 5510 (  --->NTA Server (

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          access-list OUTSIDE extended permit udp host host eq 2055

          Replace "OUTSIDE" with the name of the ACL on your outside interface. You may need to do something similar for your inside ACL if you have one. If there's NAT involved, you'll need the appropriate NAT translation too.

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              I am in the same situation.

              I have the ACL in place, but there is something wrong with my NAT I think. When I run a packet trace through ASDM on the ACL configured I get a failure that says "(acl-drop) Flow is Denied by configured rule"

              The last step in the packet trace is NAT whish appears with a RED X. This indicates, to me any way, I have a NAT issue.

              Any help would be appreciated.