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    Monitoring Linux

      I am trying to monitor my Linux box. I have managed to get the SNMP working on it, but I am unable to monitor anything other then up time. I used the Web Console to add the server to Orion.

      I am by no stretch a linux person so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Jason Ward


          Depending on what you expect to monitor here is a basic config to get the cpu/memory/root file size/network interface info.

          1)  Save your old configuration file
                This is located in /etc/snmp as snmpd.conf
                cd /etc/snmp
                mv snmpd.conf snmpd.conf.old
                vi snmpd.conf

          2)  Enter in a a read only community string (let's use public for sake of arguement)
               rocommunity public

          3)  Configure Linux to start SNMP service on boot (you may have already done this but in order for the config to take, you need to restart the service)
               chkconfig snmpd on

          4)  Start SNMP to load the config file
               service snmpd start (you should see Starting snmpd: [OK] if it is successful

          5)  Go back to the Orion NPM (either the web interface or the client tool) and List Resources

          In order to set the location and contact info add to the snmpd.conf file the following lines:

                 syslocation location_of_your_device
                 syscontact contact_information


          Da Haole