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    Orion NPM Allowed to Report on the NCM Database


      Since NPM is vastly superior in its ability to query and report on the SQL database, why couldn't we have the ability to point to the NCM Database and write reports from it?

      Specifically, I would like the sort functions at the header line so that reports can be sorted as well as building a report without having to process the entire database every time I change something.

      Secondly,I would like to have ability to display custom properties from NCM's database for Nodes in NPM that are being looked at ont he Node Details page.

      I hope that this makes sense.

      Thanks for the consideration.

        • Re: Orion NPM Allowed to Report on the NCM Database

          If your NCM database is on the same SQL server and your NPM database user has read access to the NCM database, you can use Report Writer against the NCM database now.  You will need to specify the full name (like ncm.dbo.tablename) for each of the tables, as the connection string is still pointed at the NPM database. 

          I prefer Report Writer to the reporting functions in NCM - more flexible.  Is this an option for improving NCM reporting - include the Report Writer GUI with the install with NCM templates & default reports, maybe add some formatting functions for some fields?