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    Universal Device Poller Enumeration Map values only allowing one entry


      I searched through the forums and looked through help but was not able to find a solution to the problem I have.

      I recently upgraded my Orion and was pleasantly surprised about the changes to the MIB poller capabilities.  This really is going to help a lot.  Now for the issue:

      On a Cisco CSS, I am trying to setup specific UDPs for services for the status.  I've found how to come up with the OID based on the servicename but when I set it up, the "Format" is set to "Enumeration", then I click on "Map Values" and there is only one option.  There is a possible of 4 values.

      Here is the OID for the specific service:

      I have other UDPs setup to view the Table View and the Enumeration map already is filled with the correct possible values with the corresponding text values.  The OID is:

      How do I add additional raw values and associated text values?