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    Orion Netflow and Procurve switches.


      We have just recently purchased Orion and NTA for our network and we have come across an issue with the software and Procurve switches.

        We noticed that while monitoring a limited number of ports on a given switch the sflow was either severely lacking or nonexistent.  We brought this to Solarwinds attention and this was their response...


      As per our phone con - your issue is a known issue and it is by design.
      The way the NetFlow Module currently works is that you must enable all interfaces on a node in Orion.
      The recommended work-around for you is to upgrade to the SLX (unlimited licenses) for Orion and NetFlow; and then enable all interfaces in your network.
      I understand that even in an extreme case scenario such as yours with 100's of interfaces per device, this is currently the only way this will work.


      This is a Major issue with our network since we have over 100 remote sites and really only care about what traverses the WAN link on those sites.  What compounds the problem is that the vast majority of our sites have HP Procurve 5400's at the core with between 144-288 ports per device.  So if we want to get accurate sflow data from one WAN port we have to potentially monitor 288 interfaces.  Worse case scenario we can’t even do 7 switches fully monitored unless we use the unlimited license when we really only want 7 ports on 7 switches.  (2016 nodes vs. 14)

        I am hoping SolarWinds will correct this soon but only time will tell.