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    Ability to perfrom IOS Image upgrades in per platform batches

      Recently I opened a case for guidance on how to perform IOS image upgrades for my Cisco access switches using Orion NCM.  During the process, I determined the easiest way to perform the task was the use of the 'Executive Command Script' function.  The functionality allows me to write the specific command which will initiate a TFTP session with NCM to pull down the new image.  After that was accomplished I wrote a simple job to show the contents of each switches' flash to confirm the script completed successfully.


      Is a 'canned' version of this functionality on the roadmap?  The type of functionality I'm looking for is identical to what Voyence offers:

      1.)  Perform an image standard audit job of switches based on platform.

      2.)  Based upon results of the audit job, remedy (schedule remediation) the non-standard switches.

      3.)  Have a 'canned' job/function which performs the remedy action.


      This functionality will significantly decrease the administration cost of maintaining enterprise image standardization.  It can be done now through an assortment of different functions; however, automation of the process will greatly enhance the product's appeal and functionality.