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    SCP Webpage Location

      While drafting the SolarWinds SCP website, we're trying to decide where the SCP page should reside on SolarWinds.com. 

      My question for the community is:  "Where would you expect to find a certification webpage within our existing site layout?" 

      Company - Products - Downloads - Resources - Support - somewhere else?

      We'd like the location to be intuitive to users looking for information on the certification program, so any input you can offer is greatly appreciated!


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          My vote would be under Resources. It seems like the most logical place to me.

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            If you have only those menu items, I would say under "Resources".

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              If anything, the debate would be between Resources and Support. I agree with the others and am leaning towards Resources. However, if the information that you plan to provide for certification is significant, I don't see why Certification couldn't be a new option.

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                Craig Norborg

                Hmm... I think I'd go for "Somewhere Else".   Support definitely seems like a bad fit because you only have support resources in there.  I would question why "Downloads" isn't classified with something else like "Support", just kinda hanging there...  Most people that want to download something usually know where to look...

                Resources?  Right now you have the following in there:  "What's Hot, Featured Resources, Product Resources, Demos & Videos, eNews Sign-Up, Resources for Fed Buyers, Geek Central, Thwack".  I don't think it really fits in there either... 

                Not saying either of these are the way to go, but Cisco has theirs under "Training and Events", NetQoS has some certifications, but I can't find it off their main webpage.  I think the closest you get is "Services" and "NetAnalyst Training".   HP has it under "Resource" and "Education and Training"...

                Not sure, I don't think either is a great fit, if I had to choose between those two I'd probably tend towards resources since it really doesn't fit support.  But I think I'd revisit the site in general that maybe included that and some other related things...

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                    When I looked at the website design, Placing it under "Company" made more sense to me.  Because the certification is platform or product centric, having it tied to the Company information in the beginning seems appropriate...I can be wrong and maybe too late.

                    More to the point; any consideration to URL direct links (e.g.  scp.solarwinds.com)?

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                    I would expect to find it under resources Thomas.