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    Sql Query Report




        I need to build an advanced SQL query report on a custom poller and I have no clue about sql queries.


      I have a custom poller for OID It is pulling the CDP neighbors table, and it is working great. I now have a need to run a report that will list each host device and in a seperate column display the neighbor(s) on that host.

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          Have you tried to do it using Report Writer?

          See this post: Re: Custom Poller data in Custom Report ?

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              Hi Solarwinds Experts,

              I think I do also have the same problem. We are trying to pull reports using UnDP from Tellabs sub-interfaces. We do have the OID's for these. The problem is when we get the report, it can only be viewed per node. We do need to seperately display these reports for individual sub-interfaces and map them to individual department/group web views but Solarwinds support team advised us to use Advance SQL Query of which I totally have no idea how to use. This is quite a large deployment of Orion

              Hope someone can share any useful information for us to be able to address this issue.

              Regards to all,

              Orion v9.5