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    NetFlow from a Packeteer?


      Wew are attempting to monitor NetFlow data from a Packeteer. Specifically, its seems right now that Citrix data is not being recognized by NTA as it traverses the monitored Packeteer interfaces. I verified that the ICA and various Citrix ports (in the 2500 to 2600 range) arfe enabled, but still see not Citrix data.

      Have I forgotten something that is causing NTA to miss Citrix?

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          Is your Packeteer taking any action against that traffic?  Are you specially tagging that traffic anywhere else?

          In Orion NTA, how do I check for Citrix specific flows?  My Orion instance could not keep up with all of the flows from all of my core routers so instead, I am going to point a single Packetshaper at Orion and see how it handles that.  I'll let you know next week if we see the same issue.