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    Interfaces on a Cisco 871 Router just not showing any data


      I have a Cisco 871 Router that I'm having some problems with. I have plenty of other 871's, and they all run on the same IOS.

      When I add the node, everything goes smooth.  The SNMP validates, the interface list comes up, everything seems like it's working.  However, when I check on the node, it shows that both of the fastethernet ports I wanted to monitor are "?" and no data appears to be showing up for these interfaces.  The main node is up and pingable.

      Thoughts? I've reloaded the device, same thing, ?'s in front of the actuall interfaces in the NPM screen.

      I fired up SolarWinds Engineer tool set, and I am able to poll data from the interfaces using the same Read Only community string.

      So what is happening here?