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    Importing Brocade MIB's


      I've been trying to find how I can import manufacturer MIB's into NPM v9.1, but I'm not getting very far and can't work out if it's me missing something obvious or if it's a tricky thing to be doing.

      I have the MIB's (in .MIB format) from the manufacturer, I open Universal Device Poller (UnDP), File - Import  Universal Device Pollers, navigate to where my .MIB files are, change the file type drop down to *.*, double click on my .MIB files but get the error message "Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.".

      I'm assuming this is because the UnDP only supports certain formats (i.e. UnDP or CustomMIBPollers), so is there a way of converting from .MIB to one of the supported formats ?

      To fill in some gaps here, I'm trying to monitor the individual ports on Brocade Silkworm 4100 switches. NPM itself discovers the management interfaces no problems, but can't see the fibre ports, so I figured importing the MIB would help.

      Any advice would be much appreciated.

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          The UnDP and CustomMIBPollers files describe which OIDs NPM has to poll and is a format only used in NPM.

          They are completely different from the MIB files provided by Vendors.


          If you wish to add new MIBs in the Orion MIB database, then have a look at the following post:

          Re: Installing a new MIB




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            Which version of the FabricOS are you running? I posted a while ago saying that you need at least v5.2.1. The latest version is 6.2.

            I have several SilkWorm 4100s in Orion with the fiber ports being monitored.

            However, I don't believe you can retrieve the port's error statistics without creating a custom poller. I haven't really dug in to this yet...

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              I've discovered some Brocade Silkworm 4900 switches into Orion and it shows their fiber port channels, plus I've used this particular OID successfully with the Universal Device Poller. I can see Fans, Power Supplies and such. That OID by the way identifies as vendor BCSI (I guess that B stands for Brocade).


              If you have a tool to do a mib walk then you might try that OID for a start. I have the Engineer Toolset installed on my Orion server so I lose track of which provides mib walk or SNMP mib browsing, Orion or Toolset.


              If you have access to the web interface on the Brocade you might check the SNMP settings for those fiber ports compared to the strings on the management side. I know by default our SNMP TRAPS come in from a totally different default string name. This makes me think there could be different SNMP strings in your case.


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                  I've been working on Brocades last few days.

                  Found this OID to be quite valuable...

                  Provides the following table...

                   But now i need advice on how to create Advanced Alerts for this values.

                  Alerts that will trigger when ...

                  temperature > 50C

                  Power Supplies not equal to 1

                  Fan Speed < 1200 RPM


                  I've created Advanced alerts for custom oids before, but they'd always be of the same type (ie all temperature values in table or all fans values, etc).

                  Any help with creating advanced alerts on this type of custom poller would be much appreciated.