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    Monitoring SQL Processes

      Hi guys. I have the following setup for monitoring a SQL server.

      CPU, RAM, Drive Space and essential services such as SQL Server etc

      I've created a report that displays all this info quite nicely and all is generally well :)

      However, I notice that for this device, under 'add new monitor' there's some dedicated SQL monitors, specifically one called 'SQL Server' that lets you add counters such as Number of Processes, User Connections etc

      When I try to add these to a report, it only gives me the availability for them, not the actual numbers being counted.

      If I'm trapping data on User Connections, how do I add this to a report so we can monitor the actual number of User Connections and not just the availabilty of this monitor?

      Cheers Shane.

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          Hello Spagman,

          I believe you opened a case regarding this.  In case you did not receive my reply, the ability to report on performance counter values is currently on our feature request list for possible implementation within a future release.  All clients with a case open and attached to this feature request will be automatically notified when such a feature is implemented.


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