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    Eval running, service randomly stops


      is it normal for the netflow service to not be running all the time? The service is set to automatic, but when we look at the main netflow page, it shows the service is down. I can manually start it, and most times it will run for a while, other it just immediatly stops.

      if I am sending flows to the server, shouldnt that service always be on to accept/process those flows?

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          Yes, the service should be on and not stop unless there is a problem.  We currently have a bug that has a workaround. 

          Could you look in the NT Event Log to see the error message that is comming from the NetFlow service?  It is under the Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer.



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              Hello, can you please post the workaround?  I just started running NetFlow in Orion again, after addressing some other db issues.  The NetFlow service crashed last night.  The error from the Event Viewer on my system is:

              Event Type:    Error
              Event Source:    NetFlowService
              Event Category:    None
              Event ID:    0
              Date:        5/4/2009
              Time:        11:37:43 PM
              User:        N/A
              Computer:    xxxxxx
              Critical error in NetFlow listener: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

              This occurred with NetFlow 3.1  I just installed sp2 this morning and have NetFlow running again to test (although the webpage still just says "NetFlow 3.1" and does not indicate sp2??).

              After searching out other threads here, I found a suggestion that the db may not be able to keep up, therefore the NetFlow process on the polling engine keeps consuming more and more memory until it overflows/errors.

              Not positive this is what is occurring in my environment but it could be.  The avg disk queue length on the db server takes a big hit with NetFlow going.  I am looking to upgrade that server but in the meantime would like to keep NetFlow running if this workaround is applicable to my case.

              *edit* Also meant to add that in our environment we are talking about 10's of thousands of flows.  I haven't figured out how to determine the exact number of flows Orion is handling yet.

              Also, the NetFlowService and the w3wp.exe service seem to climb in memory utilization pretty close to each other.  Probably related.

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                Hello, the service crashed again last night.  Should I open a case with support?  I am fairly certain the underlying cause is that the current db server disks cannot keep up, therefore the NetFlow service on the polling engine (separate systems) continuously consumes more memory until it overflows.  Shouldn't it simply truncate when it reaches this critical point, instead of crashing?