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    Monitor a website that is all Flash

      Is there a way to monitor quality of service for a website that is totally run in Flash?

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          Yes, but it requires understanding what resources are potentially pulled in by the flash component.

          My suggestion is this:

          1. Get the flash developer to articulate all the resources it might reference. This includes flash component itself, html, images, videos, sound, etc.
          2. Next, create a single hidden web page that has a link to all of those resources.
          3. Finally, use a "User Experience Link" monitor against this web page. It will ensure the presense of all these files.

          This gives you a general availability on the entire website driven by flash.

          If you want to measure response times on particular components over time, you can add individual "html/asp" monitors for those resources you care about.

          Alternatively, you can use the same technique - insist on "GET" instead of "HEAD" with a subset of those resources - and have the load time recorded in the database & reports.