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    Basic Alerts don't work


      I am trying to get the alerting setup and working, but when I enable the basic alerts, they don't send the email. If I test fire the emails, they send and work fine, but if I manually pull the plug on a network device, I don't get the page.

      I tested the Advanced Alerts and if I build the alerts in there, they will send, upon the device or node failing.

      What am I missing here? I found one post on here from a long time ago saying the problem was because they were using a different snmp community string other than public. I am running NPM version 9.1.

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          I would suggest trying several things:

          1) Bring up a CMD line and attempt to Telnet to the IP using port 25. See if your mail server or relay responds. If it does;

          2) Download Wireshark and run a capture while you're letting the alerts flow through (no test). See if the Exchange server is rejecting the messages for some reason.

          3) Find and download a SMTP Relay (tons of 'em on the web) - put it on a basic server and point Orion at that box. See if the alerts go out at that point.

          Let us know.


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            Had the same problem at a client this week.  The "Time of Day" field was set "from 12:00AM to 12:00AM".  I changed it to "from 12:00AM to 11:59PM" and the alerts started working.  hope that helps.