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    Wrestling with 7609 NTA config


      Hi Guys,

      currently exporting data ( in v5 and v7) from a CISCO7609 with a (c6sup2_rp-PK2SV-M), Version 12.1(27b)E4

      Router#sh mls nde
       Netflow Data Export enabled
       Exporting flows to bla-ipadres (2055)
       Exporting flows from bla-ipadres (55492)
       Version: 7
       Include Filter not configured
       Exclude Filter not configured
       Total Netflow Data Export Packets are:
          13976412 packets, 0 no packets, 377359034 records
      Router#sh ip flow export
      Flow export is enabled
        Exporting flows to bla-ipadres (2055)
        Exporting using source interface Loopback0
        Version 5 flow records
        1397945 flows exported in 206438 udp datagrams

      but it seems that the traffic flows don´t add up the to same amount of data i can see on the interface statistics in NPM.....

      Anyone idea´s ?? Misconfiguration on either end?