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    Switch Port Mapper:  Is there a way to get the Tagged/Untagged info off a network interface?

    Jason Ward


      Until the data in the Switch Port Mapper can be integrated into NPM, I am looking at a way to keep the network tables up to date. With the release of V10 of the toolset, I can finally programically dump the data from the switches which I can then write another app to dump into a DB, which a web page can look at to gather the current residents of a particular switch.  Now my issue is with the ports that are uplinks to other switches - 'cause if you run a find on a MAC address, more than likely (at least the way my current network is set) you will get multiple hits for that MAC.

      Since the port for a managed switch is usually an uplink and tagged (again in my environment) it would be great to query on the interface and see if it is tagged/untagged.  If not, I guess my other option would to be look at the interface MAC and before putting the data in the db, weed out those that use the same interface MAC to show the true port the MAC address is residing.