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    Problem with Report Writer?

      I wrote a report in Report Writer that would display the top 25 nodes that were down in the previous month.  I set the sort to be 'decending' so that it would show the ones with the worse down status.  It shows up terrific in Report Writer preview.

      I go to the web console and look at the report from there and it does show the worse 25 but in reverse order.  I other words, I want the very worst node at the top of my page (and it show up that way in preview) but in web console the very worse node is at the bottom of the page.

      Is this a bug or am I not configing the report correctly?


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          that would display the top 25 nodes that were down

          What's the report?  Are you showing availability?

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              Yes, its an availability report. 

              I am selecting:

              "Percent down" "Decending" "Average"

              and then choosing:

              Top 25 records

              It works great in both the preview and through the web console, with the only difference being that in the web console number 25th worse is at the top and in preview its at the bottom. 

              I would prefer if my worst location were at the top of the list both in the preview (like it currently is) as well as through web console.


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                  Found another, what I would consider, bug in the way report writer works.  I still have the original problem, FWIW.


                  Now, I have created a report that counts the number of times that a location has gone to dialbackup.  I have tried to sort the location by node name.  When I am remoted into the Orion box the name appear sorted, however when I (or my boss) looks at them through the web browser then they are not sorted and it is very disorganized.  


                  Additionally, I am grouping them by MPLS and NON-MPLS sites.  However the grouping title does not appear so the only thing that indicates the group are the words "YES" or "NO", or "TRUE" or "FALSE" and it gives no indication of what it is referring to.  So it makes my report very unreadable.


                  I am not sure whether to accept these problems, open a ticket, or wait for an easy fix.. In all cases (Except the report grouping part) it works correctly when remoted into the Orion box, but through the web browser it does not.