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    Hyperlinking custom poller values in reports


      When making a custom report, if you include the NodeID (can make it hidden), then the Nodes listed in a report a hyperlink-able and can be clicked on.  I have a custom report where various environmental PDU node names are in one column, their reported temperatures are in the second collumn.  By adding "NodeID" I can make the node names linkable, but the temperatures (to open up a custom graph) are not.  I've added "PollerID" to no avail.


      Can the poller data be linkable in any way to open up a custom chart (assuming history is being collected)?

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          So what you will need to do is  add PollerID and Poller_Name as hidden fields and then paste this into "Web URL" under the field in the report you wish to link to the graph. Depending on your report you may want to change "Period=TODAY" as well.