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    Issue Editing Multiple Interfaces Energywise


      Hey All,

      I have one for ya :)

      When i enable energywise on one or multiple interfaces it works smoothly.

      When i go back to edit the Recurrence policy for an individual interface i have no issues.

      However if i try and edit the Recurrence policy for multiple interfaces at once the previously configured Recurrence policies are not showing and therefore the NEW ones i create are added to the interfaces and the OLD ones remain.

      Not sure if im doing something wrong or my process is wrong but no matter what i try i cannot bulk edit the Recurrence policies.



        • Re: Issue Editing Multiple Interfaces Energywise

          There is an option on the Interface Edit screen for the Recurrance Policy that allows you to choose if you want to edit the recurrance policy in Additive Mode or Replacement Mode.

          By default the recurrance policy are edited in Additive Mode, i.e. you add the new recurrance policies to existing policies on the interfaces selected. If you select the Replacement Mode then it will remove the original recurrance policies and relace them with the newly configured ones.

          If you are asking why the existing policies don't show up when editing multiple interfaces then the reason for that is, if you are editing multiple interfaces there could be different policy on each interface and it would not be clear how you would show existing policies in that case.

          Does that make sense, is that what you would expect to see?