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    OID is not supported on Cisco Router but is on identical one

      I am setting up IP SLA on several Cisco routers across the WAN.  Most of them are identical units, with the same IOS version and release.  I created the IP SLA Operations for 1 router, and it seemed to work fine.  I exported to Orion and dropped the Operations onto all the routers in the Universal Poller.  All the Operations seem to be working on the one that I set it up on, and a couple of  others.  All the other (identical) Cisco Routers return errors like "The OID is not supported", or "No such name", or "A value was not returned", depending on how you look at them.

      The private RW community string is the same for all, and has been validated.  I have found that if I go back to the free IP SLA tool, and manually setup each Operation on each router, that gets them to work.  Like the Poller isn't able to go out and set them up when I assign them.  Except that for a couple of them, it does work automatically.  I do not want to have to go setup 10 different IP SLA Operations on 15 different servers.  I want it the poller to automatically do this for me.

      Any suggestions?