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    New Items in 5.5 Beta 1


      Is thre a list of new features/items in 5.5 that aren't in 5.1?  I wanted to know before I started playing with it.

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          What’s New in NCM 5.5:

          • NCM Integration Module (for Orion NPM website)
            • Standalone NCM web console capabilities are now available from the Orion NPM web console, including upload, download, execute script, inventory reporting, and compliance reporting.   Node limitations and account view limitations are now possible! 
            • Ability to enable Cisco EnergyWise and configure EnergyWise policies across Cisco 2k and 3k switches running 12.2(50)SE1 and Cisco 4k switches running 12.2(52)SG(0.86)
          • NCM Server and Client Application
            • Scheduled config purge
              • Ability to setup a scheduled job to ensure you only have the last X configs for each device in the database
            • Reporting enhancements
              • Ability to receive config change notification details in a separate email (HTML or Text) from job results in Config Backup job
              • Ability to attach reports as a PDF to email notifications in Run Report job
            • Transfer enhancements
              • Ability to change the default Telnet and SSH ports used by NCM to perform config management operations
              • Ability to specify transfer protocol for execute script, transfer configs, and request configs separately.   Previously execute script and transfer configs were combined preventing use of TFTP for uploading and SSH/Telnet for script execution.
            • Platform Support
              • SQL 2008 support
              • Windows 2008 support
              • NOTE:  SQL 2000 is no longer supported