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    Need help with advanced alert supression

      We are trying to use alert suppression to supress alerts based on time windows.  I know that we can use Time Of Day but want to use multiple time windows per alert.  We have different priorities that have different times, e.g. Priority 1 is 24hr, Priority 2 is M-F 8-5, etc.  What we have been attempting to do was use ${H}${Minute} variables and compare them to 2 custom properties, one for start time (800) and one for end time (1700).  So far we have failed to get the alert to supress, even if we set value ${H}${Minute} is greater that or equal to value "what ever custom property value is".  We set the custom property to a value that is greater than the current time, but it still doesn't work.  The custom property type is Text.  So the question becomes, is the value ${H}${Minute} treated as a time field or some other type and as a result not able to be compared to a text field?  We can't use a custom property type of datetime as SQL will populate it with a date, which is not what we want, just time only.  If anyone can chime in with this I would really appreciate it.  I have talked to Tech Support but they seemed a bit too unsure for my comfort.

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          In this case i would just create a custom property "Priority" and then create alerts for each priority using the time of day field.  Also Keep in mind that the suppression criteria is not in the context of the node that triggered the alert.

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            Jeremiah - there may be something else in your scenario that would not make this option feasible, but one possibility is to create a single alert with multiple alert actions.  Each alert action can use a different time frame setting (in an advanced alert.)  So you would define the trigger once, but have several email actions, each with a different timeframe setting.  You can then avoid sending email during some timeframes - even though the alert is technically triggered, you have no actions that would fire for that time, which for all practical purposes is accomplishing the same thing as suppression.  You can always import/export actions to make it faster to setup and make changes.  While there is still some duplication here, this might be easier to maintain, troubleshoot, and understand in the long run.