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    Transient IPs?

      Whats the deal with transient IPs?

      I have daily scanning of several subents enabled.  Sometimes, IPAM will populate the list fairly accurately (we may some some devices with ICMP and SNMP disabled).

      But other times, the scan will come back and list every IP as transient.

      A google search of "transient IPs" gives thousands of varied results.

      So what gives?  There have been no changes on these networks, but at scan at 10am will poplutae accuratly, and one a 3pm will result in 100% transient, and my scope utilization drops to 0%

      User error?

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          That is odd.  We may need to look into this.

          So to define what a transient IP means.  An IP is responding to a scan for the last week and is currently set to Used.  On the next scan, nothing no longer responds on that IP.  So instead of marking it as now Available we place this into a Transient state.  By default, which can be configured, after 7 days if nothing responds on scans, we set the IP back to Available.

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            mark wiggans

            Try increasing the Transient Period within your Subnet Scan settings.


            IP Address Manager Settings > Subnet Scans

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              so is it better mag change default setting for transient ip to shorter value I.e 1 or 2 days?as opposed to default of 7


              will this reflect the subnets more accurately when doing scans

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                  Yes, my opinion is same like you. Actually Transient Period is time how long an Transient IP got no response from subnet scanning and became Available Status.That logic means this period time should be set lower than IP leased time. Each subnet has its own characteristics of how much utilization of IP, and how frequently the user in this subnet move around, therefore you can manually set scanning period and transient period differently for each of them. For example my VLAN 40 has 230 IPs allocated, This subnet has a lot of moved-around users. I set the leased time for 23 hours, scanning period for about 1 hour, and transient period to 0.25 day (the be able setting minimum  value). So my IP can quickly become available. This feature is so helpful in case you have number of IPs less than number of users who often move around.

                  One thing solarwind should consider is lower down transient period to hour not only 0.25 day.

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