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    what's the deal with INTERFACE TYPE and Gigabit?


      i did a report on Gigabit Interfaces and it seems wrong. i have more in Orion System Manager than what gets reported.

      Report Writer, plus a Resource View named "Number of Interfaces by Type", shows only a few 'Gigabit' interfaces.

      why are gigabit ports showing up as INTERFACE TYPE 6 'ethernetCsmacd' (Gigabit ports at speeds of 1.0 GB) and (a few) as INTERFACE TYPE 117 'gigabitEthernet'?

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          i think i found it, but its kinda misleading the way it is named by Interface Type and this may be because of some RFC.  i guess i'll live with it unless someone at Solarwinds speaks out about this. it involves switch modules with port names GigabitEthernet and/or Port.

          Solarwinds calls a GigabitEthernet switch-port as ethernetCsmacd and a Port switch-port as gigabitEthernet.

          Here's a basic report to catch this and i'm using a NODE Custom Property named Device.Type.


          Interfaces.Caption AS Interface_Caption, Interfaces.FullName AS Full_Name, Interfaces.InterfaceTypeName AS Interface_Type_Name, Interfaces.InterfaceSpeed AS Interface_Speed, Interfaces.InterfaceTypeDescription AS Interface_Type_Description
          Nodes INNER JOIN Interfaces ON (Nodes.NodeID = Interfaces.NodeID)
            (Nodes.Device_Type = 'switch') AND
             (Interfaces.InterfaceTypeName LIKE '%gigabitethernet%') OR
             (Interfaces.Caption LIKE '%gigabitethernet%'))

           ORDER BY 1 ASC