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    Orion NPM 9.1 SP5 CPU Load readings



      We have been using Orion NPM in our environment for severa years now.  We have recently run into some issues monitoring a particular Firewall device in our environment.  It's a multi-CPU Checkpoint firewall device and up until last month we were getting the readings as expected.  Even though NPM is not the best for alerting on this model because when we have one of the CPU's getting hammered at nearly 100 percent and the other is idle it still only reads near 50 percent load.  Never the less it was at least working as advertised.  For the last few weeks barely reads anything from the CPU.  I downloaded your other product ipMonitor and monitoring the same firewall get much better and seemingly more acurate readings for example last Saturday the CPU load on the operating firewall ranged from 75 to 93 percent during a 3-4 hour period reported by ipMonitor.  During the same time frame NPM was reading 2 percent the entire day.  No flucuations at all.  We just renewed our NPM license and are not looking to pay almost the same amount for ipMonitor which NPM should be doing right out of the box.

      Do you have any insight as to what the problem could be?

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          The IETF's current set of MIBs do not cover reporting on multiple CPUs, so a device that has multiple CPUs must send statistics that are averaged for all of its CPUs.  This means that Solarwinds developers do not have a way to request information for individual CPUs.  But when the IETF releases an RFC that introduces a standard for polling multiple CPUs' statistics I'm sure it will be included.  Check with you vendor for a mib and create a custom poller.