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    NPM Alert Suppression Request



      We get a lot of "Disk Full" Alerts during our nightly backup due to a Veritas feature that drops image files on our drives.  Once the files are gone the alert clears up, but it would be nice to eliminate the false positives during backup times.  To that end, I'm looking for the ability to suppress alerting during a given time frame but WITHOUT having to create multiple alerts...  I was wondering how hard it would be to implement the following, or if there was a way to do it currently?

      Add a "table" or something along those lines that set you set up "Time Bands"... so for instance it would basically have three attributes... Name, Start Time, End Time... so you could build the following:

      "Business Hours"  "8:00"  "17:00"

      "East Coast Backup Window" "20:00" "4:00", etc etc.

      Then, in the Alert Suppression Window you could just say If "Time Band" = "East Coast Backup Window" and it wouldn't alert during that time... So if the current time fell into one of those windows then it's a true condition.  It's probably harder than how simple I make it sound since you'd at the very least have to do a calculation of the time versus the Time Bands, but since I'm not a developer I get to live in blissful ignorance and wave my hands and say "Go make it happen!" :)

      Seems like that would be a much easier method than having to build one alert for "in window" times and a seperate one for "out of window" times...