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    CSV Data to be graphed


      I have a Dialogic IMG1010 Media Gateway that converts PSTN-to-SIP calls.

      Currently, I use Cacti to graph data that the IMG pushes to a CSV file and Cacti graphs the data.

      I want to use Orion instead.

      The CSV file looks like this:


      Query CntDateTimeDuration Of CountsChannel Group IDIncoming CallsOutgoing CallsIncoming Answered CallsOutgoing Answered CallsAverage Hold Time of Answered CallsTotal Allocated ChannelsDialing ChannelsAnswered ChannelsDisconnecting ChannelsBlocked ChannelsIdle ChannelsOut Of Service ChannelsSignaling Type



      Depending on the file being pulled, most of then, the last data is at the bottom (last Line) of the CSV file.

      For the example above, there are 3 T1's, that's why you see 3 Query count.

      Is there a way to have Orion pull and graph data from a CSV file?