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    We'd love to hear your ideas!

      IPAM has just been released, and we're sure you have a lot of great ideas for how to use it and how to improve it. That's what this forum is for. We're looking forward to hearing from you all!

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          How about associating a scope with the device and be able to choose the type of that device? That way we can tell what kind of scopes are associated with different devices such as switch, CMTS or Router.


          thank you.

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              Marked for the PM to review.

              Thanks for the feedback.


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                  Can you provide a little more information about what you are trying to accomplish? Below are two ways to get the information I think you are after.

                  You can create a custom field called "Devices". Then you can sort Ascending or Descending in a subnet to see a quick group of devices and their IP Addresses.

                  Also, you can create a report based on this field that groups addresses by the field across subnets.



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                      I have a good one.  Previously we had spreadsheets for Networks and for Hosts.  Right now (unless I missed something), I can't search the "IPAM_Group" or [Networks] table.  That would be very useful.

                      example.  I have a new project and I need to see what subnets (regardless of breakout /25,/29, /24, /21, etc...) I have available so I can assign a chunck or even a single where it makes sense.

                      Another idea - allow a group to belong to many parents.  Right now we are caught in a limbo of organization.  Do I go with physical (i.e. assigned to firewall or device) or do I go with typical IP scheme where I group by IP addresses.
                      I am currently doing a mix of both.  It would be nice to be able to map a subnet in several LOGICAL groups (i.e. attached to this firewall and belongs to supernet or datacenter B or city Y).

                      I would even be happy to sacrifice rollup usage and status display in lieu of these features.  Maybe ask (give check box option) where I want that info displayed to reduce overhead...

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                          another request from meeting with my engineers and our environment:

                          make configurable - number of "misses" before set to transition or available by days and/or # of scans.

                          this would allow wiggle room for server work, but more importantly, when bringing up a node (if having to troubleshoot and there are periods where the system is down for more than 2 scan cycles).

                          Essentially, we've had troubles with setting stuff to "used" and filling in fields/custom props when gear not up, then the system clears all info out.  now obviously, reserved would be the way to go, but we were working through import clean up, etc.., but conversations brought us to the "it'd be nice if" for this feature request.

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                    Is it possible to schedule a scan on date/time/interval, instead of minutes/hours/days?

                    If not, I would like to make this a feature request.

                    We have a job that manually goes out and updates the arp tables of a non-routable subnet at say 5pm everyday.  I would like to neighbor scan this subnet at 5:05pm everyday.

                    I guess another question to ask, since I haven't tested it yet would be, how accurate is the current scanning intervals?

                    If I took my example above and setup a neighbor scan once a day and implemented for the first time at 5:05pm, would it run at 5:05pm everyday or really close?

                    This could be a workaround for now, but I still think being able to schedule on date/time would be nice.