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    Upgrading Orion NPM from version 8.5.0 to version 9.1

      Originally, I have Solarwinds NPM version 8.1.7 running Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2.  I also have Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Service Pack 4 running on the same machine.

      I ugraded to Solarwind NPM version 8.5.0 and everything is still working fine.  During the upgrade, it told me that the license key is already installed.  So everything is still good.  By the way, I have SLX license

      Now I would like to upgrade from current version 8.5.0 to version 9.1 so I have the following questions:

      a- When I upgrade from version 8.5.0 to version 9.1, will I have to upgrade the license as well?

      b- I downloaded SolarWinds-Orion-v9-EVAL.zip from Solarwind website, can I just install this executable on top of my version 8.5.0 version.  Will that work and more importantly, will it override my current license key? Since the box is NOT connected to the Internet, it will be hard to get the key installed.

      Many thanks.