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    Orion NPM / Orion NCM "Triage" Feature Request


      Not sure how feasible this might be, but now that Orion and NCM are finally somewhat integrated together, how about taking advantage of some of that synergies by thinking outside the box and combining more of their functionality?  How's that for Buzzword Bingo?

      Let's say that you have an interface on a router go down.  The first thing most people do is log into the router and take a look at it the interface.  Rather than manually doing that, how about being able to make the alert trigger a command or series of commands to format into an email, such as:

       show interfaces ${ifName}
      show run interface ${ifName}
      show log | inc ${ifName}
      show ip ospf neighbor

      These commands could obviously be ones that are saved in NCM as commonly run commands.  I can already see some hurdles to have to get over with something like this, but I believe it would be a tremendous time saver for those that not only use Orion to diagnose problems, but those who use Orion to integrate into a trouble ticketing system.