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    Bandwith Gauges Confusion?!?!?!

      I am monitoring traffic on our main Novell servers via Bandwidth Gauges.


      The gauges that show traffic through the NICs on our main Novell servers consistently read >1%. 


      On the bandwidth tab under tools, I have the receive and transmit both set to 1000000000 (which translates to 1.0 Gbps.  The NICs are definitely 1Gb NICs. 


      I guess the confusion is "Why are the gauges reading so low?"  Am I really only using >1% of the pipe to that server?  It seems like a longshot that we are underutilizing the connection so much.  Espicially considering we have so many users connecting to that server for File/Print and Groupwise.


      Any ideas on whats wrong with my setup???




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          Have you compared against what the Novell server shows locally?  1% of a gigabit interface is still 10Mbps =)

          What version of Toolset are you using?  If you have 10.0, I'd recommend putting the interface onto an interface chart in Workspace Studio so you can see the utilization over time.