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    scanning large subnets to compare with Orion


      is there a simple way to compare a subnet of nodes, for those with or without SNMP, to what is already in Orion?

      i am constantly having to do an SNMP sweep to find new nodes and then later determine if they are already in Orion and if they have SNMP enabled or not.


      thanks for any help or ideas...

        • Re: scanning large subnets to compare with Orion

          If what I understand you are trying to do is correct, then there are at least a couple of ways you could do this.

          1) Use Report Writer to create an inventory of all your nodes, listed in order of IP address.  Add the appropriate matching criteria for SNMP in the report.  Compare your report to the scanned subnet.

          2) Use the System Manager to create a new view (System Manager -> View -> New View) and choose the items you want to show in the view (IP, Community Name, Hostname, etc.).  You can then export that data to an excel spreadsheet and compare it to your other data.