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    SQL Database Large and CPU High


      My beta server has become rather useless today as it using 100%CPU and I have a 4GB Database. Considering it beeing running monitoring the 13 devices for about 18 hours, there is something radically wrong somewhere. Dont have access to the database toold (I guess that been looked down) to see what is using all the space byt the sdqlsrv process is using 60% CPU and everything else is barely coping. Any ideas?



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          What is your setup like?  What OS and DB?  How many network nodes/elements?

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            Hi Simon,

            This is strange performance and database size.  If you could shutdown the Orion services and get us diagnostics, we can help debug this issue.

            To easily shut down the services you can go to Start -> Programs -> SolarWinds Orion -> Advanced Features -> Orion Service Manager.  Then there is a menu item to shutdown all services.  This will stop all the NPM services.

            Then in Start -> Programs -> SolarWinds Orion -> Documentation and Support -> Orion Diagnostics

            This will start up a small app that when you click "Start" it will ask you where to save the solarwindsdiagnostics.zip file.  By default to your desktop.  Please get this and upload it to the SolarWinds Leapfile per the instructions in the sticky post.

            Thanks again

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                Hi All

                I have a theory which may be self inflicted so to test this I am going to completely re-install...see if this fixes the other thread of the wrong directory. Bear with me for a few hours :-)

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                    Let us know.  I'm curious to see what kind of self-inflicted problem put us into that state. :)

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                        Oh Ok then you dragged it out of me. The address of the Orion Beta Server is known to the network as a trusted SNMP trap server. There are several servers currently send their life history to the trap servers and on the porduction server this simply isn't an issue with memory and performance and there is a separate SQL Server.

                        On the beta server...I suspect its simply just too much for it hence the 4Gb database in 18 hours and Orion and SQL server were spending all their time trying to process all the traps. I will sort out the house keeping and have a word with my systems people about their DOS attack (this started today by the way) but for now I have changed the address of the Beta Server and have updated the ACL's for the test switched to allow it to poller and configure them.

                        I though it worth a re-install to check whether the reports get fixed in the process and practice makes perfect of course.

                        More later :-)

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                            So far I have only re-installed NPM with the same 13 switches as the only device managed. I am no longer receiving the traps but the server continues to run at 100% shared between the sqlsrv.exe, SWJobEngineWorker.exe, and Solarwinds.BusinessLayerHost.exe processes. The machine is effectively useless and Orion timeout due to lack of response.

                            The Database has already grown to nearly 1Gb also and I am starting to wonder what is really going on here. Initially last evening it was working fine but now even with a new install, it in deep trouble.

                            FYI: I have not installed NCM, I am running this on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise with a zeon 2.80GHz process and now 4GB of RAM. This is using the supplied version of SQL Server Express.

                            Any ideas?