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    Universal Device Poller / Aruba WLAN Controller


      I'll start with what I've been trying to do...

      I want to get a count of the users connected to each of the SSIDs on my Aruba OAW6000 wireless controller.

      I went looking at WLSX-WLAN-MIB:wlanESSIDNumStations (

      What I get when I get the table is something like:

      • 0, 0
      •, 85
      •, 1


      I've figured out how to read the rows, the first number is the length of the SSID, then the subsequent numbers are the ASCII of the SSIDs... w, l, a, n, d, 0, 1... etc

      But, is there a simple way to do a transform or something on the rows to get the actual English easy to read SSID in the row?  Am I missing something obvious?  I feel like I must be, but I've wasted hours trying to figure it out

      Thanks for any help