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    What I don't like about the NPM 9.1 "Network Latency and Packet Loss - Today" Chart


      We are staging a new NPM 9.1 server, parallel to our production 8.5.1 server, so that we can do side-by-side comparisons of configurations, views, etc.  What I have found I don't like about the "Network Latency and Packet Loss - Today" chart in 9.1 is it no longer automatically scales.  On Gigabit attached LAN devices, the response time to these nodes is always > 10ms.  The 8.5.1 chart scaled so if 10ms was the highest value, the chart went from 1ms -> 10ms, giving you a nice chart to look at.  The 9.1 chart doesn't scale, it has a fixed Y-axis of 0ms-100ms.  Well, this makes for a "blank" chart because you can't even discern the (less than 10ms) values. 

      Additionally, I much prefered the hourly intervals on the X-axis of 8.5.1, over the ticks at 3 hour intervals in 9.1  The 8.5.1 chart even displays the 95th percentile in text below the chart.  Nothing on 9.1.

      Side-by-side screenshots attached.