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    Orion APM 2.5 database question

      Hello all,

      I recently wrote a script that check for specific alerts in the event logs. If they are encountered, the script sends back the statistic about how many of them appeared in the last 5 minutes and sends the message body of the last event in the script message (WScript.Echo "Message:").

      My problem is this...

      Most of these messages are more than 250 characters long and I have found that these are kept in the ErrorMessage field of the dbo.APM_PortEvidence_Detail table of the NPM database which is a nvarchar(250)...

      The database cannot hold the entire message body.

      Can I, without screwing up the NPM database, modify this property of the field? I have checked for dependancies and there doesn't seem to be any for that particular field.

      I know that if I were to modify it and, later on, if an update were to be released, it would most probably reset the property of the field, this doesn't bother me though.

      Your help would be much appreciated!