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    Syslog Configure


      I'm trying to re-configure my current Syslog output (see below). I would like to change my hostname from IP to the name of the device, and add the device IP address.  I have update my Syslog view, and thats working correctly. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

      Thanks you,

      Frank S.

      Syslog Messages From All Network Devices - Today

      Time of Message Hostname      Severity   Message
      12:58 PM     Error        102366: * Fan 2 not rotating 
      12:58 PM     Error        102365: * Fan 1 not rotating

        • Re: Syslog Configure

          if i understand your need correctly, it sounds like you either need to maintain a strict NAME to IP in DNS...which is rare these days in an enterprise environment or else use your local HOSTS file to do what you are talking about.

          or i could be off base and missing the mark...good luck.