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    Universal Poller Intefaces polling



      NPM 9.1 SP5

      I am currently running the unversalpoller to pull infromation from switches to map out all the switch/ports/Vlans/Op Status/ Admin status and display it on the node details page for switches. This helps minimize the need to constantly open the switch port mapper in the engineering tool kit to identify the status of a port. While this is functional, i am limited with the information i am able to read due to a limitation in NPm preventing the processing of information from the OID interfaces table which conains other useful information like IP /MAC and operational time.


      Is it possible to eliminate this contrait and open up the OID to display the Interfaces table on the website, or better yet, could this entire feature be added to the the node details as a standard option.


      I can provide the details of the oids i am currently reading as a referance point if required.