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    Name resolution

      this is a problem that I got half solved by enabling DNS name resolution in KIWI daemon. Now when a pc is having an issue dns name  is displayed properly because kiwi is able to successfully query the dns server for the ip address of the machine. However, when router or switch is having an issue only ip address shows  up because I guess those devices aren't in DNS database. Is there a way of having syslog daemon of accessing the solarwinds database to retrieve the human readable names of network devices? When I add a switch or a router I always make sure that the human readable name is displayed so it should be retrieveable from somewhere in mssql database. I just need kiwi syslog to be able to retrieve it as well.



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          To get round the fact that your devices aren't in a dns table you could use the host file feature in syslog. There is a static hosts file in the root of your syslog folder. Just add your devices ip and hostname into this file, restart your syslog service and away you go. This may not be the answer you are looking for but it works great for me.