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    Installing a new MIB


      Orion 9.1 SP5

      How do I install a MIB for a new device? I've got the mib files from the vendor and want to do some custom polling.


        • Re: Installing a new MIB
          • First check that you have installed the latest MIB database available for Orion.


          1. Login to the Customer Portal.
          2. Click on Orion MIB Database to download the updated MIB.
          3. Follow the instructions in the Readme file included in the Archive.


          If the MIB you are looking for is still not there, you will have to open a support ticket and attach the files to the email you received once the case is created.

          A new MIB database is usually compiled every week but this may vary.

          Note that if you know the OID you need to poll, none of the above steps is required, you can simply type in the OID while creating the Universal Device Poller instead of clicking on Browse MIB Tree.