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    SNMP shows unknown state when strings are correct and SNMP validation works


      I have recently upgraded from Orion 9.1 SP4 to SP5 Since then I am finding a problem with snmp managed devices. They are entered in with the correct strings and work fine until the devices looses contact for a short time. When my device returns, SNMP shows an unknown state ( this does not occur to all devices that loose contact its very random far as I can see).  I can go into Orion Manager and SNMP validation works, I can even list resources. Once this occurs, the only way to fix it is to remove the device from Orion and re-add it. This looses all my history. I have tried to renumber the device, manage, unmanaged and  re-adding the IP again. Only removal and readding seems to fix it.  This is random across device platforms and snmp versions