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    Units uniformity for variables is not in Solariwinds reports.


      Good Day to you all of you.

      We have installed the product that Orinon NPM 9.1 SP4. Yeaterday we have generated report for last 7 days for all links. We have found that the Units for following variables:
      1. Total Bytes Recv +Xmit
      2. Total Bytes Received
      3. Total Bytes Transmitted
      4. Peak Receive bps
      5. PeakTransmit bps

      are not coming in uniformaty. somewhere its coming in bps, somewhere Kbps, Somewhere Mbps while the values of bps or Kbps is equivellent to Mbps.

      For an Example:

      Total Bytes             
      3306 bps

      Transmit bps  1575 bps, 1869 bps, 2339 bps which should convert in Kbps automatically. Please let me know if some one has changed the units for the same.