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    Custom Poller for Volume Utilization in Windows Server 2003 / HP Proliant

      Hello all,

      I'd like to transform (sum) the capacity of a number of Logical Drives and remaining space with NPM.

      We have a multi-terabyte Windows storage system broken up into several volumes. Sometimes I am asked, "How much space do we have left?", or, "How fast are we filling up the archive?" 

      I can manually add this stuff up, but I would rather create a view for our application administrator that shows her drive utilization individually (exists out of the box) and seperately the sum of all the space and what is left for use. Orion knows about the volume utilization -- but I can't transform those canned values apparently.  So, I set out to create a custom poller to get the same data, but cannot find any MIB/OID information to guide me. As someone who uses SNMP extensively, but takes the inner-workings somewhat for granted, I wonder if I am not Googling in the right direction.

      Input appreciated!