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    WMI Access / Credentials

      Hi -

      I'm testing IPMonitor 9 and am trying to understand how I can get more granular monitoring of my windows servers using WMI.  It seems that no matter how I configure WMI and my Windows Credentials, I cannot setup things like drive space monitoring, service monitoring and the like.  Following the FAQ, I was able to fire up wbemtest.exe from my IPmonitor server, connect to the server in question using windows credentials and query the WMI namespace.  However, when I go to setup a monitor under IPMonitor, it will scan for a bit, and spit out an error with this text:

      To resolve this issue, ensure that:
      The IP Address / Domain Name, UDP Port and Community Name are entered correctly.
      A firewall is not blocking access to the remote device.

      I believe I have the firewall setup to allow WMI traffic through.  The account I tested was a domain admin account. And I can manually query the box using wbemtest.exe. 

      The server I am testing this on is a Win2k8 box.